My essays, articles, and stories have appeared in literary journals, newspapers, and anthologies. Below are some links to my writing online and to publications that have published my work.

Articles on Film, Literature, and Music

"Silents in Review: The 2016 Kansas Silent Film Festival." Originally appeared in The Silent Film Quarterly (Summer 2016); also available on the Kansas Silent Film Festival website.

"'A Wonder Child Who Is Just a Natural Boy': The Selling of Child Superstar Jackie Coogan." The Silent Film Quarterly (Spring 2016).

"Musicians Unite for Soviet Silent Film." Twin Cities Daily Planet (July 25, 2015).

"The Great Dictator: A Movie Born from Charlie Chaplin's 1930s Trip Around the World." Twin Cities Daily Planet (July 6, 2015).

"Silent Mary Pickford Classic Brings Thrills to Heights Theater." Twin Cities Daily Planet (June 9, 2015).

"Beyond Bars Reading Brings to Light Writing from American Prisons." Twin Cities Daily Planet (March 31, 2015).

"Silent Masterpiece The Last Laugh Touches on Universal, Everyman Themes." Twin Cities Daily Planet (March 13, 2015).

"Trylon Microcinema and Dreamland Faces Embrace the Cold." Twin Cities Daily Planet (January 1, 2015).

"Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra MN melds classical training with love of silent film." Twin Cities Daily Planet (November 16, 2014).

"Chaplin's 'The Gold Rush' to show as part of Walker Art Center Birthday Bash." Twin Cities Daily Planet (October 12, 2014).

"Minneapolis Band Fate's Palette reflects on challenges of their first silent film score." Twin Cities Daily Planet (July 18, 2014).

MOVIE REVIEW: "1927 'Hindle Wakes' still raising relevant issues." Twin Cities Daily Planet (July 9, 2014).

Articles on Homeschooling and Interest-Led Learning

"Cooking With What's in the Bag: Unschooling as the CSA Model of Learning." Life Learning Magazine.

Blog posts on the Home/School/Life Magazine website